Note: not april fools joke

Missed all my goals this month, did absoutly horrible. Lost about 15K, about 10K of which I lost taking an ill advised shot at 5/10NL. Absoutly disgusting. Gonna get back to 2/4 and grind out hands this month. Also gonna just stick to sunday/monday for tournaments. Not gonna set any goals this month. I would like to have 100K to my name by the time I head out to the wsop. We will see how that goes.

March 3rd

I played 958 hands today, and won $1,431. Overall since the start of march I have played 2,374 hands and am up about $1400. So far things are going good, but I can still feel my nerves getting to me. Losing an $800 pot on a coinfilp will take some time to adjust to again. I am also trying to play less than 6 tables (about 4-5) to focus more on each table individually. I think it will help with my swings and also my emotional stability. I have also just been quitting early to book a solid win rather than loose a lot back. I really should not be worrying about that, but again, it will take a little more time to re-adjust to the swings and what not.

March 1st

February went well, I booked another significant winning month, but I did not really play that much. I really like the month of march, so im gonna take this one fairly seriously and really try and put the hours in. I finally feel ready to try out the 2/4NL games again. Thanks to some tournament success, im quite over-rolled for that limit. Im also going to try and get into a more healty lifestyle. Im going to set some fairly heafty personal goals (which I will not list on here), as well as some big poker goals.

Poker wise, I would like to get in at least 25K hands at $400NL and make $20,000. I feel that I can easly play 1k hands a day, and 5k hands a week. This will allow me to meet my goal. As for MTT's/SNG's I don't want to really set any goals other than to have a winning month. I really only play MTT's on sundays and sometimes on mondays, so I will just hope to have a winning month in them. As for SNG's I only play them to help break up the insanity of playing so many hands of cash poker. It is kinda a stress reliever playing smaller stakes.

If im successful doing this, I will reward myself at the end of the month. This should also help keep me motivated. I have been looking into purchasing a home entertainment center, so that will be part of my reward. This will include a large flat screen TV, surround sound system, playstation 3(for blue-ray DVD), and maybe a few more accessories. I will also be looking into getting a massage chair, but I will not commit to getting one unless I can find a good deal.

The WSOP 2008 satellites have started on all the pokersites as well. Im not sure how much time I will commit this month to trying to sat in but im sure I will be playing at least a few of them. Maybe I can lock up my seat nice and early.

Late January 2008

So after a fairly bad December, and just overall bad last few months of the year, I got back to the grind and put up a crazy january. Played way too many hands of cash with some super swinngy results. Made a few FT's and actually won a tournament. Made about 10K+ this month, which im more than happy with.

will edit with grraphs and pics later

Year End wrap up

Not really gonna say much here, mostly because I had a really bad december poker wise. Im pretty sure I lost money on the month, not only in cash but also in MTT's.

In the new year, im going to play more seriously and really grind. Im starting at 1/2NL and will move up a limit every month (hopefully). I have high hopes for this coming year.

December goals

My online Poker goals for this month will not be high. I am going to be busy for about a week going on a trip to Michigan with some friends. And then I am going on a family vacation during christmas time. There is also big live tourney coming up which I will be playing in. This will probably take a few days trying to qualify for as well. It is the Heartland Poker Tour Championship event which is being held at the Majestic Star II casino in Gary, IN. About an hour from chicago.

So my real goals for this month will be 20K hands and win $10,000. I really don't think this will be too hard as long as I can aviod a big downswing.

What I would like to do is make the TV final table of the HPT event. And also win a frekin sunday major. UB is hosting some tournament series this month as well, I would like to win one of those events. I will also be trying to get some coaching this month to help me with my 6max game. Hopefully it will go well.

December 1st

Wow, horrible end to my November. I was up almost 9K at one point, then went on a disgusting downswing and lost a lot. I did play a lot of hands, but I failed to reach my goals for the month.

I did however final table the sunday UB 200k gtd., first place was 45K, but I ended up going out in 7th place. I had pocket 8's and lost to A7o, what a dissapointment. I probably could have won at least 5K more than I actually did if I won that hand. I still took down $6500 for my 7th place, but it was a very dissapointing cash.

While I did still make good money this month, it was nowhere near what it should have been. If I plan on doing this for my soul source of income, this is just unacceptable. On to the results...

+ $4,350.73

Cash play
24,030 hands
+ $2,247.50

+ $6,598.23